Happier: Learn The Secrets To Daily Joy And Lasting Fulfillment

Happier Bookographic

Happier: Learn The Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment

BY TAL BEN-SHAHAR, Ph.D – McGraw Hill – © 2007 – 224 Pages What is happiness? The author defines happiness as `the overall experience of pleasure and meaning`. A happy person enjoys positive emotions while perceiving her life as purposeful. 4 Archetypes

  • The Rat Racer – puts off enjoying life thinking some future destination will bring him lasting happiness; does not recognize the significance of the journey
  • The Hedonist – goes for what gives him pleasure now; no goals, no long-term planning, only the journey is important
  • The Nihilist – focuses on past failures, is disillusioned with life; have given up on both the destination and the journey
  • The Happy – knows that happiness is not about making it to the peak of the mountain; it is the experience of climbing towards the peak
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